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Day 52/365

Posted in 365 by godspurplefrog on February 21, 2010

Theme of the Day – “Treasure”

This is one of my three treasure boxes I have. In each treasure box are items I have found as treasure or have owned and treasure dearly in my heart : )

Items in this treasure box: 1 shoelace from my first pair of Converse, 4 Sea shells from the first time I went to Port Aransas, my baby sock, two rings my grandma (who has now passed) gave me, porcelain tea cup from a mini tea set my grandma also gave me, a $2 1976 American bill (no longer in circulation), $5 and $10 Mexican Pesos, 3 mini locks, gold Tweety Bird watch, Pearl necklace (fake one, but I loved it when I was younger), necklace pendant, guitar pick, prom ring, GIR iron-on patch, Universal Studios Florida stretched penny, AND an aluminum 5 cent 1982 guilder (from The Netherlands)


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  1. Utdlegend said,

    Nice!! :)

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